Year after year, organisations become more and more dependent on their IT infrastructure and are being driven to reduce the costs associated with delivering this highly complex and vital service. To achieve this, many clients have identified that it isn’t economically viable to maintain all capabilities in-house, and they look to establish business relationships with partners that can clearly demonstrate an ability to support their company’s IT objectives.

The key to delivering against these expectations requires finding new and innovative business practices that maintain low internal costs to ensure competitive pricing, engage specialist organisations to deliver cost effective expert services when required and the ability to efficiently utilise available supply chain facilities. Only by managing these three cornerstones of business, can the correct levels of service and product be provided to clients in a cost effective and sustainable manner.

Red11 was started in 2006 to deliver specifically against these core requirements and since its inception has been able to demonstrate a solid commitment to delivering the level of service and sustainable low pricing that many organisations now demand.